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For esthetics and body treatments visit our individually listed day spas. Also, some of our listed salons offer some esthetics services. Check listings to see services offered.


aesˇthetˇic or esˇthetˇic (es-thet'ik) Pronunciation Key

adj. Relating to the philosophy or theories of aesthetics.

Of or concerning the appreciation of beauty or good taste: the aesthetic faculties.

Characterized by a heightened sensitivity to beauty.

Artistic: The play was an aesthetic success. Informal Conforming to accepted notions of good taste.

n. A guiding principle in matters of artistic beauty and taste; artistic sensibility: "a generous Age of Aquarius aesthetic that said that everything was art" (William Wilson). An underlying principle, a set of principles, or a view often manifested by outward appearances or style of behavior: "What troubled him was the squalor of [the colonel's] aesthetic" (Lewis H. Lapham














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